SATURN 2014 Session Notes

It looks like the session notes I took from Wednesday at SATURN have all gone up over at the SATURN Network Blog. These were all great sessions and I am hugely thankful for the time that was put into these sessions by the event’s organizers with the SEI and by the speakers themselves. Every talk I saw was well-prepared and delivered with skill. If you’re interested check out the notes. Slides from each talk will also be posted eventually. Actually it looks like some of my notes have been linked to their respective slides already. One of the other students in the MSE program at Seattle University, Ziyad Alsaeed, also took notes of the other sessions so don’t miss those over on the blog here. More notes are forthcoming.

SATURN 2014, Thursday

Yesterday’s sessions at the SATURN conference 2014 were educational, entertaining, and relevant. Getting a glimpse into the world of the software architect and their 30,000 foot view is helpful. I can more greatly appreciate the downstream consequences of the architectural contexts I’ve had to work within, and understand the challenges.

By far, my favorite session yesterday was the earlier one, titled “Insights in Evolution,” but mostly dealing with web architectures. Of course, that would make sense for a web developer like myself.

Today, I am hearing a keynote from Netflix Director of Engineering Dianne Marsh on continuous delivery. This is followed by a session on DevOps covering further CD material. Keep watching the SATURN network blog for my notes on these sessions and others, which should be posted sometime in the next week.