Best posts

These are the best posts that have come across the blog, as decided by a combination of number of clicks and my own best judgment.

Coding Principles
Code matters less than we think
What is readability and why does it matter?
Telescoping Methods
Care for your code

The Art of the Coder
My ego is the problem with the software industry
People vs. Process
A few principles of software estimation
Release as often as possible (a paper and presentation)
Deliberate Practice
Leverage: A principle for continuous learning

Specific languages, tools, and technologies
Tutorial: How to build a Play! Framework Web Application written in Java
Easily extract data from XML using grep and awk
How to force subclasses to implement toString in Java
Three Java Pet Peeves
Jasmine Unit Tests in an RxJs + Firebase app: Part 1
Jasmine Unit Tests in an RxJs + Firebase app: Part 2
Scala: Applying the DIP to Metrics Libraries
Execute shell scripts from Gradle and respond to the result

Finding a software job
A short list of hiring don’ts
Interview prospective employers

Software as an Engineering Discipline
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
My interview in REACH magazine (also with Steve McConnell)