My ego is the problem with the software industry

When a London newspaper made a public call for letters answering the question, “What’s wrong with the world?” GK Chesterton is said to have written:

Dear Sir,

I am.


GK Chesterton

The abysmal state of software may be news to you. If so, you’ll want to do some reading here and here and here. Summary: 42% of all software projects fail . . . in a good year.

What could be the reason? I am sure there are many, but I’d like to put out there for the world of software engineers to consider the GK Chesterton reason. “I am the reason,” is what I am asking you (and me) to consider saying.

We can’t do better until we admit there’s a problem, and admit that we are the ones causing it. I’ve seen a lot of resistance in the software workplace to simple tools like design reviews, code reviews, pair programming, etc. even in the face of overwhelming evidence of improved success. Maybe now is the time we finally take a look at ourselves with an honest perspective.

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