Why I’m leaving twitter

In theory, Twitter is the only social media platform preserving the open, democratic, and free spirit envisioned by early internet pioneers. In practice, it has become nothing more than another commodity to be used by the unscrupulous and exploitative. How you might feel about Donald Trump is one thing. It’s another thing altogether how Russian bots are actively exploiting Twitter to fire political division and chaos. Another less nefarious, but dissatisfying, trend on Twitter is its additional advertising focus which has recently resulted in Twitter’s first quarterly profit.

I’m out.

Great Software Engineering Quotes

Screenshot from 2018-01-12 10-42-04I’m (of course) a big fan of software engineering quotes and I recently discovered that QuoteFancy is a site with decent looking desktop wallpapers of quotes from a number of software professionals including Alan Perlis, Donald Knuth, and David Parnas. Here’s some links to quotes by these and other interesting people:

Send me some other ideas for people to look up on this site with software-engineering-related quotes?

More about the book I’m writing

I’m writing a book:Everyone-ISDOING-IT-WRONG-188x300

Some things I know. In spirit, it’s similar to if Jack Handey was a software engineer for some reason, and his “deep thoughts” were actually short page-long essays. Most of it is sarcastic and humorous, but I’m putting some actually useful stuff in there.

On the other hand, there’s a lot I don’t know yet. How long will it be? Will it get published? What will it cost when its done? But, I do know that I am sharing the content free as I write it, and all you have to do is head over to and sign up to get on the list. A lot of people are already on the list, and getting to read it. Some of it is available for those not on the list, but the list is really where it’s at, man!