The most compelling reason for TDD

I practice TDD. There are a lot of reasons for this. Many of my reasons didn’t even become clear to me until after I had been doing TDD for awhile. Most people will tell you the same. It seems there are untold benefits that you have to experience for yourself. Just try it and see. If you are told about the benefits up-front, you will simply never experience for yourself how dramatic of an effect TDD can have.

But there is one reason to do TDD that I find more compelling than any other, and that reason still makes sense even if you only think about it.

The reason is simply that . . .


Automate everything (practical uses of Bash part 1)

I find that having a bias towards automation makes life a lot easier. I’ve been writing more and more scripts the farther along I go in my career. The time it takes to write a little script is hardly anything compared to the time it saves. I just can’t stay comfortable with typing long commands anymore. There’s a certain point where it just makes sense to script a task and that point usually comes only the second or third time I do it.

Usually I write scripts in Bash. Whether I’m on my mac or on my linux box, Bash is there.

So what are some practical uses of Bash? . . .